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Starcraft II Achievement Hack v3.1.0 Released!

We saved the best of the six releases for last :) We’re proud to introduce to you, Starcraft II Achievement Hack.

Personally, I unlocked all of the missions achievements myself with a little help of course. Unless you want to spend hours on it, it is not possible to do it on normal conditions. I had to use some mineral hack along with teleport hack. Our achievement hack allows you to select the exact mission achievement you want to unlock. There is more, it also can unlock the other achievements that are not campaign related!

It will unlock 3 random achievements that are non-campaign. Don’t worry about unlocking achievements that will make you look suspicious. The program checks if you have the previous achievements if needed and, then proceeds to unlock the achievements. The reason that it is random is because we haven’t figured out the exact packets for the non-campaign achievements. We did figure all the campaign achievements that was why you can select the ones you want to unlock :)

Yes, this program is undetected like our other works. We worked really hard to protect our users from being banned. This hack does not interact with Starcraft 2 memory in any way – 100% undetected from Warden. It will check your Starcraft II data online through your online profile (that is one way it checks your completed/uncompleted achievements).

Also don’t try to unlock the Mastery Achievements as they will unlock automatic when you unlock the whole pack. We only put it there just in case it gets bugged/stuck as we have seen it happen. It is NOT recommended that you unlock more than 10 achievements in one sitting. If Blizzard was to do a sweep of records, they can choose to ban you for unlocking too much achievement. This hack has been out for a while, and Blizzard have not done any sort of sweeps. It is safe to say, they don’t care about people abusing their achievements.

We will be releasing a video shortly.

Check out how SC2 achievement hack looks:

Starcraft 2 Achievement Hack

Download Starcraft 2 Achievement Hack
Last Updated and Working on:
Instructions Starcraft 2 Achivement Hack:
1. Run the program before starting Starcraft 2 and logging in.
2. Make sure Anti-Warden is enabled. It is automatic, you just have to check the status in the bar below like in the screenshot.
3. After you login into Starcraft 2, you can begin using the trainer.
4. Select the achievement you want to unlock.
5. Click unlock button and you will have the achievement unlocked!
6. If you want to unlock other achievements, go to the second section and click Unlock 3 Random Achievements (these are for the non-campaign ones).

What do we think about Starcraft 2 Achievements?

One of the most exciting feature is that players are more involved. For example, in one mission the player has to influence the tide of an Artificial Intelligence-controlled battle with only a single unit called a Spectre. There are also some single player missions which are highly customizable and are featured in the StarCraft- II Community Zone. In single player missions, players have the liberty to choose units, buildings, and upgrades. This liberty is not available in the multiplayer missions.

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Starcraft II Achievement Hack v3.1.0 Released!, 4.6 out of 5 based on 17 ratings

Mac Windows Compatible

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