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Starcraft 2 Lossbot & Winbot

This program was requested by Dave, but little did he know we already have this program released for VIP members a while ago.

This Winbot/Lossbot works for any version of Starcraft 2 as no memory is edited. It is 100% undetected by Warden regardless of what happens in the future.

The Starcraft 2 Lossbot will help you “abuse” the Automatic Matching Making (AMM) system created by Blizzard. The system works by matching you with someone that has a similar ratio of Win to Lose. If you have a low ratio, you can be certain you will be playing newbie. You can only be matched with someone in your league, below your league by 1, and above your league by 1. Also, some high-level players would use this, so they have an easier time to match other players.

This Lossbot will help increase your losses (by leaving the game on purpose), which allows you to match “newbies or noobs.” Normally the games take 5 minutes to 15 minutes to beat, so you can get those 1,500 win icons pretty fast. Most people would just rush and if they lose, they will leave.

Please note your Starcraft 2 must be in window mode for this to work. It will detect your resolution when you start the bot.

We will be uploading the video shortly.

Here is what it looks like:

Starcraft 2 Lossbot & Winbot
Status: Working

Download Starcraft 2 Lossbot & Winbot
Last Updated and Working on:

Instructions for Starcraft 2 Lossbot:

1. First you must have downloaded the program onto your desktop. If needed you need to extract the files.
2. Follow the instructions included in the ReadMe.
3. Login Starcraft 2 after loading the lossbot/winbot first.
4. Click “Start Lossbotting” to begin the process.
5. Wait for your resolution to be detected, then the bot will start automatically. You do not need to have the Starcraft 2 window in focus.
6. Click “Hide Windows” to hide Starcraft 2 and Bot program windows, so it wouldn’t distract you on the computer.

Changes in Starcraft 2

They finally added a matching system for Starcraft. In Starcraft 1, you were able to host ranked games and anyone can join to play against you. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a fair game-play. They even added leagues for their ranked games system. Our lossbot will help you abuse your ELL to play against easier players.

There are new and creative changes in the game which are inspired by story events in StarCraft and its expansion called Brood War. These changes are more to the unit design so that it sports better and different attributes and abilities. All these changes have helped the game to gain more popularity amongst the game lovers.

In comparison to the original game, units of this game have better abilities, unique designs. All these new features help the player to be engaged and stick to the game for a longer time adding new curiosity to the game. These include upgrading units with the ability to traverse varying levels of terrain, or have the ability to teleport short distances.

Start getting all of your icons with our Starcraft 2 lossbot today!

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Starcraft 2 Lossbot & Winbot, 4.6 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

Mac Windows Compatible

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  1. Jayden says:

    I finally got the random 1,500 icons thanks to this. This is the best place for hacking programs!

  2. Anthony says:

    Thank you soo much works awesome!!

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