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Empires & Allies Hack Cheat Trainer

Empires & Allies Hack

The latest cheats in our trainer

Zynga creates yet another popular game for Facebook called Empires & Allies. The staff at Hacking Edge are huge fans of Facebook games. Whenever we’re browsing on Facebook (24/7), we’re very likely to click to the Facebook Games advertisement. As of today, they are currently 52,000,000 monthly players. This number is probably on the rise.

There are no tricks or secrets comparable to the trainer we’re releasing today. With our trainer, you will be able to dominate the game. You will obtain upgrades such as Space Exploration Center, Large Greek Houses, Stronger Military, All possible and coolest Power Ups, and Decorations and Expansion. We know how it feels to always run out of coins and energy. The time to level from 1-50 will no longer take so long.

We didn’t want to release this private trainer to the public, but we wanted to share. Now you don’t have to spend so much time trying to grow your empire. With our trainer, you will have more time for other things yet have the empire grow even better. This is the smart way to play Empire & Allies. You will be able to build your empire, however, you want. You don’t need to follow any guides as your resources are unlimited with our hacks.

Enough of the marketing you say? Below is the screenshot of the trainer being used:

Status: Working
Download Empires & Allies Hack
Last Updated and Working on:
This cheat trainer is more of a packet editor designed just for Empires & Allies. It will change packets in order to trick Zygna game server that you purchase a certain amount of Empire Points. As for Energy, Wood, and Coins – the trainer will block all packets that will try to update your Energy, Wood, Coins amount shown on screen. At the same time, all actions that require Energy, Wood, and Coins are edited to 0. In other words, this means you have Unlimited Empire Points, Energy, Wood, and Coins! It is very simple to use, just follow the instructions below:


1. First, you must log into Facebook and start the game Empires & Allies before you run the trainer. The trainer will not work properly if you run it first.
2. Run the Trainer after logging into the authorization system.
3. Select the amount of Empire points you want added to your account. You can only select one of the options. You have the option of adding the amount of 2,100, 1,000, 475, or 100 Empire Points to your account for free.
4. If you wish to enable Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Wood, Unlimited Coins, or all of them, check them off.
5. After you have selected all the hacks you wish to use, click the send packet button.
6. In a few seconds, the packet will be recorded by the server and you will see changes to Empire Points. As for Energy, Wood, and Coins the value wouldn’t change. Instead, you will have the ability to use energy, wood, and coins with no limit regardless of the amount you actually have.

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Mac Windows Compatible

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3 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    I can finally expand my Empire without using so much of my time! It works really well especially the free Empire Points I got added to my account.

  2. Ester says:

    Didn’t expect it to actually work. I tried the unlimited cheats and now I can purchase all the upgrades for my empire. This is great!

  3. Andrian says:

    ty. finally, i can upgrade the power all of my units.

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