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Aeria Games Fun Card Code Generator

Get free Aeria Games Fun Card Codes!

Free to Play games are becoming more and more popular. Subscription fee based MMORPG can’t generate revenue like Free to Play games. The differences lies in the opporunity of players using real money to gain a slight advantage in their gaming. Sometimes it is not an actual advantage, it could also be an appearance advantage. The ability to dress your ingame character with special clothing which can only be purchased with real money.

World of Warcraft is moving towards this area too. Activision Blizzard is charging users for transferring their characters to different servers. The term “Cash shop” and other similar terms is also developing it’s own meaning. In Eden Eternal, the cash shop is known as the item mall. Item malls contains items that can only be purchased with AP, also known as, Aeria Points. Aeria Points can be used for all the games under AeriaGames.com’s belt. Their games include the following: Eden Eternal, Shaiya, Realm of the Titans, Ministry of War, Wolf Team, Last Chaos, Grand Fantasia, Shin Megami Tensei, Dynasty Warriors Online, and Lime Odyssey.

What is different about Aeria Games compared to other Free to Play companies?

Based on our gaming experience, Aeria Games is much nicer compared to other gaming companies. For the game, Eden Eternal, there is a small chance to get free Item Mall items every hour. Also when purchasing Aeria Points online or redeeming Aeria Points with a Fun Card code, you earn Reward Points. Once you collect enough Reward Points, they will convert to Aeria Points. If you take a look at Nexon’s Maplestory, there is no bonus for buying NX cash. Maplestory players could spend at least 100,000 NX a day with just Miracle Cubes alone. There are no rewards for these players that spend a lot.

Aeria Games also offers a subscription based way to purchase Aeria Points. Every month there will be a recurring payment to Aeria Games for a set amount and you get a set amount of points. The good thing about this is you can set and forget if you planning to play for a long time. The main selling point is the 55% discount you get for using it. The only negative thing about their system is, recurring payment is not availability for first time buyers. This means you have to have purchased Aeria Points before, at least 3 days ago.

Release: Aeria Games Fun Card Code Generator

We have coded an Aeria Games Fun Card Generator. You will be able to generate either $10 or $20 valued Fun Cards absolutely free. Below is a screenshot of how it looks, download link button, and also instructions on how to use it:


Aeria Games Fun Card Code Generator
Status: Working
Download Aeria Games Fun Card Generator
Last Updated and Working on:

1. Follow the instructions provided with the ReadMe.txt first.

2. Log into the system with the details provided.

3. Select the value of Fun Card you want to generate with the generator.

4. Click generate and wait for a green check mark to verify the code is indeed redeemable.

5. Have fun and don’t forget to share this with your friends by Facebook, Twitter, and other social network you are in.

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Mac Windows Compatible

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4 Responses

  1. Luis says:

    I was waiting for this release since you mentioned in your post regards update. This is truly an amazing software. Tested on my computer and it worked perfectly. Currently have around 50,000 AP on my account. I’m trying not to get so much on my Aeria account so I don’t get flagged.

  2. Miz says:

    Thanks, you’re amazing. All I can say is just wow when I’m using this generator.

  3. Katsa says:

    The authorization system guide is no longer accurate along with the post of the desired generator… I can’t get authorization for this.

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      We just noticed there was a problem with the Social buttons on our website. It should be working perfectly now, please refresh the page and try again. Enjoy!

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