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BattleOn Game Points Generator

Generate working BattleOn Game Points code to use on your account!

This program was requested by Nasar by last month. We thought it wasn’t so popular, but we decided to code it regardless.

Update: Our BattleOn Game Points generator actually got quite popular since Artix Entertainment started added options of completing by doing surveys and offers. Artix Entertainment teamed up with PeanutLabs, SuperRewards, and Offerpal for offering BattleOn Game Points through surveys and offers. Why do surveys and offers for a couple of game points when you can get a BattleOn Game Points generator with the ability to generate an unlimited amount of BattleOn Game Points. BattleOn Game Points have been renamed to Artix Points which sounds better and easier to type.

What is BattleOn Game Points & Aeria Points?

What is great about BattleOn Game Points is that is works for many different games which include AdventureQuest Worlds, EpicDuel, DragonFable, MechQuest, AdventureQuest. Personally, we find the naming of the games very weird. They put the words together to look like one word, but that is not our problem. The rough cost of 2,000 BattleOn Game Points is about $10. There is no bonus for purchasing more game points at the time currently. The current method of purchasing BattleOn game points include the following: Credit Card, Paypal, ClickandBuy, CherryCredits, Ultimate Game Card, and PayByCashMail. You can also purchase Artix Points by home phone and cellphone. Stay tuned, we’re in the process of making a Ultimate Game Card generator!

Game points is special because you are able to only acquire EpicDuel Varium, HeroSmash Membership, or Smash Coins with Artix Points. This upgrades can’t be purchase directly with money. The currency of BattleOn points must be used. BattleOn Game Points or Artix Points are unique also since they are not really used to buying items rather packages. They are certain bonuses you get when you redeem these points like EXPerience Boost and Bonus Access Content. Now you can redeem the free game points and get all the packages for free.

Artix Points Generator

We were able to program a working BattleOn Points Generator that is able to generate unused and redeemable BattleOn Game Points or Artix Points. The points you generate will never expire, but we recommend you use it in moderation or your account can be at risk.

The program itself looks very neat, check it out below:

BattleOn Game Points Generator

Download BattleOn Game Points Code Generator below and start getting exclusive content:


Download Battleon Game Points Generator
Last Updated and Working on:

Instructions for Artix Points Generator:

1. Run the login system through the Loader from the extracted files.
2. Follow the guide included with the program and then login with the details provided. Your Artix Points Generator will open after logging in.
3. Select the amount you want to generate (2,000 Artix Points, 4,000 Artix Points, or 5,000 Artix Points)
4. Hit Generate, make sure there is a green check mark or the code is not valid. The green check mark shows that the code has been checked with the Artix servers to see if it is unused.
5. Copy the code from BattleOn Game Points Generator, and redeem on your BattleOn account!
6. Share with your friends through Facebook Like or Tweet on top!

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Mac Windows Compatible

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  1. Michael says:

    the website is very organized, thanks for putting some much time into it

  2. Jayden says:

    THANK YOU – works for me! I got free points.

  3. BattleOnUser says:

    Completely legit, I just generated a few Battle On point codes to use.

  4. Contessa Gutoski says:

    Finally found something that works and not fake. Time to use my free items!

  5. Fan says:

    Been looking for this. This is simply genius.

  6. Just a girl says:

    Can’t wait for the new update to generate more than one code. I have subscribed.

  7. gaga says:

    really awesome and timesaving
    thanks for making this

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