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Free Xbox Live Codes

Based on our community’s usage of our programs, Xbox Live is more popular than Playstation Network. This is why we are working harder to update our programs such as hacks and generators related to the Xbox 360 more often than other consoles. Today we’re releasing our updated version of our Xbox Live Code Generator, a program that allows you to generate free Xbox Live codes. A good amount of our fans were upset we updated our PSN Code Generator, NX generator, and iTunes Gift Card Generator without including our Xbox Live Code Generator. There is still a lot of work to be done for our website and programs. We have constantly trying to update all of our generators to the version 3 code, so users can generate more than one code at a time and the ability to save all the generated codes to a text file. Once again, this generator will allow you to get Free Xbox Live.

Free Xbox Live

Watch the video below for instructions on using our software. Don’t forget to click full screen and HD for the best quality and visibility.

Free Xbox Live Codes

The new layout is more user-friendly. The GUI’s colors goes well together. We optimized the speed of generating codes. You might think it will be slower when it is generating more than one free Xbox Live code, but it is actually faster compared to the older version. This is mainly because we added more dedicated servers to check the codes generated. As always, we added a safe check to make sure the codes are redeemable on your Xbox Live account.

We were asked if you can use the Xbox codes for Call of Duty Elite membership. The answer is yes you can. You just use the Xbox points redeemable to purchase from the Elite membership in the Live marketplace. This also applies to Playstation Network by using our PSN Code Generator. We took a nice screenshot for you guys of the program generating free Xbox Live codes:

Free Xbox Live Codes
Status: Working
Download Free Xbox Live Codes
Last Updated and Working on:
It is a pretty simple generator. If you used our other generators before, you can go ahead and use it with no problem after you downloaded it.

  1. First you make sure you enter the amount of codes you want to generate. It is recommended to use the “save to text file” option if you are generating more than 7-8 free Xbox Live codes at once. It is easily for you to get track too.
  2. After making selecting the Xbox points amount and option to save to text file, hit the generate button and wait for the green check mark for verification of the Xbox codes. This will not take longer for a minute based on our tests.
  3. You can now redeem these codes on your Live account for free Xbox Live or use it to purchase virtual goods in the Live marketplace.

Learn more about free Xbox Live codes

Also known as Microsoft points, Xbox Live points are the coins used in the Xbox live Marketplace realm. It is an internationally recognized system and users can get them even when they do not have a credit card. There are different ways for the users to get these points so that they can enjoy the marketplace action.

Purchasing Xbox Live codes

One of the ways to get these points is by purchasing them. Buyers have the option of buying these points from the Marketplace itself on their console or buying them from the official Xbox website using their credit cards. For those who do not have credit cards, the points can be Xbox Live codes are available as gift cards from a wide variety of retail locations. These cards come with codes that the buyers can use to get the points. The other option is to go for the Xbox Live Gold pack, which is also available in a number of retailers. Microsoft is also planning to come up with promotions in the future that will avail these Xbox live point to the gamers. While these options are simple, the use of the points will welcome the gamers to a wide variety of experiences.

Why use Microsoft Points?

There are many reasons for the gamers to generate these free Xbox Live codes. One reason for using our generator is to get free Xbox Live. For starters they will have an enhanced entertainment experience since these points will allow them to access the Marketplace. Besides that, they will also be able to carry out micro-transactions while in the Marketplace. This enables them to save some cash on the various aspects unlike on the original Xbox Live where they had to use almost 5 dollars to carry out a transaction.

The other reason to use free Xbox Live codes is that the gamers have the chance of purchasing what they want. For example, they can purchase a map for a specific shooter instead of getting all maps for everyone. The best thing is that these specific items can be purchased just for a few points, allowing the gamers of stretch their savings and at the same time enjoy their gaming experience.

Extras using the Xbox Live codes

Some of the buyers can get a wide number of additional items instead of maps or features for multiplayer formats. The gamers can redeem their Xbox Live points for features such as weapons and equipment.  They can also opt to use the points to find other games created by other users of Xbox Live.

These games are available in the community game section, where the players can check out the free demo, and then purchase the ones they like by use of their points.   Lovers of movies and TV shows can also use the Xbox Live codes to not only rent the movies, but also buy TV shows which are available at the Xbox Live Marketplace.

When they are using our free Xbox live codes the gamers have a chance of enjoying their game experience, get items from the Marketplace, save some cash and so much more.

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  1. Renaldo Notoma says:

    Thanks for updating your previous generator. Both of them still works, but this new one can generate more codes. It is time to enjoy Xbox Live for free!

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    Appreciate all the time the staff used on coding such amazing program. My friends and I were looking for a way to get free xbox live codes for a long time.

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    Thanks I like the new layout for the program.

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    Support was really nice with helping me getting this to work. I should have read the FAQs first… everything was there.

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      You’re welcome!

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    The only legit generator I found on Google!

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    The xbox live code generator works perfectly on my computer.

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    Your community is so big and active. I started to see why after using this for free xbox live.

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    Higly recommend this program for xbox live players.

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