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iTunes Gift Card Generator v3

Free iTunes Codes Generator

Although most of us download our music through Limewire or torrents – some of us prefer having high quality music from iTunes. Recently, Limewire has been closed down due to copyright issues. Also if you haven’t noticed, most of the music rips uploaded online is from radio rips or speaker rips. With our generator, you can get free iTunes gift card codes. You will be able to redeem 100% direct copies of the songs or albums you like.

Watch the video below for instructions on using our software. Don’t forget to click full screen and HD for the best quality and visibility.

Prepaid iTunes Gift card can be purchased online from the Apple Online Store. iTunes store makes it so easy to share and buy. You can also visit an Apple store near you. Those are not the only option though, you can also purchase these gift cards from retails stores such as 7-11, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. There is a parent and child program where you can set up allowances for your iTunes account. With out generator, you don’t have to use your money on iTunes gift card or iTunes allowance anymore. You can generate as much as you want for free with our iTunes Gift Card generator.

We came across this iTunes Gift Card generator by finding an exploit in Apple iTunes gift card online certificate. This certificate can be purchased online through their store. The certificate are connected to itunes gift card codes. We were able to reverse to process and create this generator. We can’t go into the little details as we don’t want our generator to be patched any time soon.

New Program Update: iTunes Generator v3

We’re sure many of you dislike the green iTunes gift card in the background of the generator. We have completely reworked the GUI using our Carbon.Edge theme. We also spent a good amount of time improving the code and the back-end system. We have converted the generator to our v3 code. For more information of how to use the newest version, please visit here. You can download the generator using the download button below We have updated the screenshots below:

iTunes Card Generator

Download iTunes Code Generator v3:

Status: Working
Download iTunes Gift Card Generator
Last Updated and Working on:

Does it work for Downloadable Content (DLC) & In-App Purchases (IAP)?

Yes, our generator simply generates you an iTunes gift card of the value you choose that can be redeem on your iTunes account. Once your account has balance, you can use the balance, however, you want. If you want to buy In-App items, you can. If you want to purchase additional content for a game such as the full version or new maps, you can do that as well.

iTunes Generator
Now you can always get high quality music downloads with our iTunes Gift Card Generator. This is 100% safe and it wouldn’t be detected by Apple. There is no difference between actually buy the gift card and using one generated by our Gift Card Code generator. It is recommended that you only generate a code when you need to refill your account. This is the safest way – the VIP members have been doing it for months without problem.

Not only will you be able to buy just songs, you are able to shop for music, movies, TV shows, apps, audiobooks, and much more for free. You can send songs, movies, TV shows, and mix of songs in a playlist to your friends and families with our free iTunes gift card codes.  The receiver will get a link in their email when you gift them these items. Enjoy!
The new version allows you to save the generated iTunes gift card codes to be saved to a text file on your desktop. It also received a visual upgrade! Here is how old version of iTunes Code Generator v2 looks like:

iTunes Gift Card Generator

Instructions to use iTunes Gift Card Generator:

1. Download the archive and then extract the files to get iTunes Gift Card Generator.
2. Login using the details provided in the ReadMe.txt.
3. Select the value of iTunes gift card you want to generate ($15, $25, or $50).
4. Generate, copy the code, and redeem your free itunes gift card!
7. Share with your friends through Facebook Like or Tweet on top!

More about iTunes Gift Card Generator

iTunes gift card generators often have icons that are download and look like typical software. The generators should be legal and genuine when attempting to download them which will mean that you will have to be careful in your search of them. The only working one is available at Hacking Edge. Those interested in making gift cards can find that this software is available to anyone that wants to do so. You can find more information about our generator in the written article here.

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Mac Windows Compatible

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25 Responses

  1. William says:

    man i love everything you coded!! (:

  2. Alec says:

    Thanks, this worked exactly as you say. I just found the instructions and got it working in less than 10 minutes. Now I can enjoy free itunes music!

    • Miles says:

      Where are the instructions?

      • HackingEdge Staff says:

        Which instructions are you looking for? Hope to hear from you soon.HackingEdge Staff

  3. Juan says:

    I don’t know what to do after, please help me.

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      Follow the instructions in the ReadMe, if you have any more problems read the FAQs.

  4. Bubba says:

    Does this also work for all Storm 8 games?

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      Yes, with this iTunes generator you get free gift card codes for your iTunes account. You can then go on to buy anything that is part of iTunes store.

  5. Brandon says:

    Can you use as many times as you want?

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      Yes, you can use the generator as much as you want and generate unlimited amount of code to redeem in the iTunes store.

      • Brandon says:

        Great thank you heaps I will get it now

  6. Mitch Brodhurst says:

    Finally high quality mp3 for my iPod and iPad for free. I was also able to buy DLC for my games.

  7. Quiana Mercardo says:

    @Bubba Yeah it works for Storm 8 and Team Lava games. I used it on all my iTunes games that require you to purchase items for the game. I play Bakery story most of the time and got all the special items.

  8. Burt says:

    Wow, this is such a professional hacking site. I have been using this working itunes card generator! Wonderful share!

  9. Cassi Gonyou says:

    I know I will enjoy this program just like your other hacks you have on your site. I have been using your other programs for almost a year now!

  10. Maximina Prestley says:

    The new version is so much faster than the previous!

  11. David says:

    Love the app thanks so much

  12. Cain says:

    You guys are awesome!

    New-comers, this is a fully functional Gift Code generator and still not patched by Apple.

    I played Mafia Wars Shakedown and was able to purchase in app goods, just like City Story app.

    Simple, easy to follow instructions and working the generator.

    Generate a valid code and redeem using iTunes. If you live outside of US, change your store. So UK store to US store. Simple!

    Thanks, Hacking Edge team!

  13. James says:

    Is there a limit to how much you can use this each day??

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      There is a recommended limit given when you use it (to prevent abuse). It will keep your account safe in the long run. No one in the community had their account closed while using the itunes gift card generator program. I’m sure you already noticed it. But there is no actual limit.

      • Dave says:

        Yeah I been using this for half a year with no problem.

  14. tsc7 says:

    does this download work for macs ?

    • Paul says:

      Yes, it worked fine for me and my friends.

  15. Andre says:

    I would just like to say that, tyvm, for making this program, many people cant afford to go out and keep spending their money on itunes cards, TYVM!

    • HackingEdge Staff says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I hope you enjoy our programs.

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