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hE.Advantage v2.4.5 – World of Warcraft Multihack + Fishing Bot (Anti-Warden)

After much testing from our VIP members, we are now ready to release a public version of hE.Advantage v2.4.5. This is not like any other WoW hacks, you have ever download and used before. Unlike WoWEmuHacker, we have an Anti-Warden system which allows you to use our hacks on Blizzard servers.

Once again, this works for both Official Blizzard servers and private emulated servers, see instructions for more information. This hack comes with security protections to fight against Warden, but if a Game Master catches you it will be fair game ;). Without further ado, here are the video, screenshots, feature list, and instructions:



Feature List:

1. Speedhack – You will move very fast.
2. Hoverhack – Allows you to walk through air.

3. Flyhack – Similar to Hoverhack, but you can use your movement keys.
3. No Collision Hack – Allows you to walk through everything.
4. No Collision Hack Lite – Allows you to only walk through smaller objects excluding things like ground and large objects.
5. Climbhack – Allows you to walk over mountains.
6. No Auto-Afk – You will not be kicked for being AFK. The bot sends packets to the server.
7. Reveal Levels
- All ? levels will be converted into their actual levels.
8. Languagehack – You will be able to understand all language.
9. Minimap Maphack – You will see everything on the minimap.
10. Zoomhack – You can zoom as far out as you want.


Download World of Warcraft Mutltihack Plus Fishing Bot
Last Updated and Working on:
First, you must enable Anti-Warden if you’re using it on Official Blizzard servers. If you’re using it on private emulated servers, make sure it is disabled or you will crash. The rest of the hacks are pretty simple, just tick them on or off if you want to enable the hack.

Now the Fishing Bot might get a little tricky to use, make sure you choose all your options before you run the Fish Bot. It is recommended you use a whisper message for a response – something like “Sorry, I no no english.” Also the sounds for whispers are quite helpful if a GM does appear, so you can respond to them. I find using exit when whispered one of the best options and safest. Play around with the settings to see what is best for you.

You can find the download link in our Programs Section.

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hE.Advantage v2.4.5 - World of Warcraft Multihack + Fishing Bot (Anti-Warden), 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

Mac Windows Compatible

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  1. Emma says:

    it worked yay ty

  2. Ella says:

    finally i found something tat works! I have been using this for a few months already and i have not been banned. trutly undetected!

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