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Nintendo DSi & Wii Points Generator

How to get those Wii and DSi points codes for free?

We have released generators for all popular consoles, excluding the Wii. It is now time to release the Wii Points generator for the free Nintendo Points Card. The Nintendo Points Card can be redeemed to be used for the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop for free Wii points. Currently it is generating only free 2000 Nintendo Points Card codes as it is the only point card selling in retail stores.

The coding for Wii Points Generator uses the same coding we use for all of our other generators, but with an upgraded formula. Normally our other generators take a 10-15 seconds to valid if the code is valid or not. Now it will only take a few seconds. All the codes those being generated are always valid as it is cross-checked with a used/invalid code list.

Enjoy this free opportunity to generate free Wii Points Card for your Wii and DSi. There are a lot of exciting things to be purchase in the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop with free Wii Points Cards.

Here is a look at our Wii points generator v3.15b:

wii points generator
New Wii Points generator v5 released!

Free Wii Points
1. After downloading the files of Wii Points Generator you need, run Loader.exe and extract the files.
2. Login using the details provided in the instructions.
4. Hit Generate to begin getting free wii points, the codes/points generated will always be valid. It is rare that a code generated is used.
5. Copy, and redeem on your account!
6. Share with your friends through Facebook Like or Tweet on top!

Status: Working
Download Wii Points Generator
Last Updated and Working on:

Free Nintendo, Wii, DSi Points and Codes

Nintendo is without a doubt one of the leaders in the gaming industry. Wii, the home video game console by Nintendo is one of the most sought after gaming consoles today. As of now, Nintendo has emerged as the world leader going by the sales figures on a worldwide basis. You can find out more how to use your free Wii points here.

The Nintendo points card is your passport to an exciting domain of stunning games and applications that you can download. It makes sense for players to want a working Wii Points generator to get free Wii points. Nintendo points are a currency used by the Nintendo company for its Wii and Dsi systems routed through the Wii shop channel and Nintendo Dsi shop. You can buy points online or you can buy Ninetndo points card at retail stores that keep them. You can then use these points to download your software.

Wii Points codes

It is very easy to purchase and use Wii points. All you have to do is buy a Nintendo points card from a retailer near you. There is a unique number that you have to enter on the back of the card on the Wii shop channel for Wii points. These points can be used by you to download WiiWare and Virtual Console titles on to your console. As an alternative, Wii points can also be bought and channeled directly to your Wii shop channel account by your credit card. So go ahead and get lost in the surreal world of gaming brought to you by world leader, Nintendo

However, the free Wii points that are available today will not have any effect on the 3DS’s download store as new cards made by Nintendo will be specific to the 3D handheld. The points generated from Wii points generator will work for the Wii and DSi.  This was recently published on Nintendo’s Japanese website. It states that the Nintendo 3DS cannot be used by Nintendo prepaid points cards. Prepaid point cards compatible with 3DS will be going on sale on some later date.

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Mac Windows Compatible

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  1. James J. Kwon says:

    Now I can buy games in the Wii Shop Channel, thanks!

  2. Sam says:

    Thanks for the free nintendo points, this is working well.

  3. John Sheldesky says:

    Awesome program it really works

  4. Pan Yan says:

    thanks now i can play n64 games on wii. here i come majora’s mask lol

  5. Luke says:

    Nintendo eShop code generator next! [3DS]

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